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A message from our Head Students in Year 6:

Dream, believe, achieve.  Those three simple words are the school motto.  Why is this?  I believe that if you follow those three rules, you will be the best person you want to be.  It means…Dream that you can, believe in yourself then achieve those goals.


Being elected Head Student is such an accomplishment and I know I can thrive and help our students to become the best that they can be.  I have been on the School Council, Sports Council and Learning Council.  I have always worked as a committed Reading Champion, Librarian and Digital Leader.  I have also set up the first successful ‘Match Attax’ club at Smitham.  It was a pleasure to see my peers turn up week in and week out.


It is important for a Head Student to set an example, it is not about a shiny badge, it is about helping all students to shine.

Oliver - Head Student

October 2023


Being elected Head Student is such a privilege and accomplishment.  I believe it is not about the power you get, it is about connecting with other pupils and making sure that they get a say.  Ever since I can remember, I have struggled with my confidence and I would like to show the other students you do not have to be outgoing or gregarious to be in my position.  Learning is also a big part of being Head Student because there is no point coming to school if you do not push yourself and try as hard as you can.  I am not afraid to push others and myself.  Finally, I would like to say a thank you to everyone who has helped me over my 8 years at Smitham.

Poppy - Head Student

October 2023


I believe that being a Head Student is not just about wearing a special badge or having a fancy title; it is about being a role model for all of you and helping our school become an even better place.  I care deeply about our school and want to make it the best it can be.


One of the most important things to me is kindness.  Kindness is like magic it can make someone’s day better and can create a positive atmosphere around school.  I promise to promote kindness in every way that I can.  We can start by saying “Hello,” to someone new, helping each other when we need it and always using our words to uplift and encourage.


I promise to take my duties seriously in my role and listen to everyone’s concerns and ideas to make changes.  However, I cannot do it alone, teamwork is essential.  We are all a part of this big school family and together we can achieve amazing things.

Scarlett - Deputy Head Student

October 2023


I love Smitham and I love learning so I have always given my all as a pupil here.  I work hard and hopefully the teachers agree!  I have always been committed to the life of the school.  I have always taken a keen interest in all the clubs and additional responsibilities on offer.


For example, I have been on Sports Council and been a Reading Champion.  I have been in school clubs like netball, where we work as a team and use our learning value – Captain Collaborate.  Being in this position means you must work well with others.  I also use Reflective Ranger.  I try to be open to new ideas so that I can become the best that I can be.


I understand that the role of a Head Student comes with great responsibilities and I am rising to this.  I feel that I bring many qualities but in particular, honesty, kindness, dedication, resilience and also a good sense of humour!  I will be a role model for the school, confident to talk to adults and children of all ages.  I think that Smitham is a wonderful place to be where we can all dream, believe and achieve.

Isla - Deputy Head Student

October 2023




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