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Phonics at Smitham

Phonics is an integral part of teaching children the fundamental skills, knowledge and concepts underpinning early reading and writing. For this reason, we place significant emphasis and value on Phonics within our curriculum at Smitham.

In Early Years and KS1, our children receive daily phonics provision following the “Letters and Sound” programme. Our environments and daily routines celebrate phonics wherever possible so that pupils are completely immersed in the phonemes, spellings, punctuation and grammar and vocabulary linked to their learning. Our desire is that our early learners leave KS1 having mastered Phonics Phases 1- 5 and are competent when handling our written code.

Please see the following link, for parents reference, which shows the correct way to say each sound phonetically: https://youtu.be/UCI2mu7URBc

Here are some ideas for Phonics games you could play with your child at home: 

Sound Jump Game

Have a pile of sound cards for your child to see. These can be written on A4 paper or are simply, magnetic letters from a box. Your child then jumps up with the sound, once it’s called out by an adult.

sound jump


Draw a picture of something that can be sounded out easily i.e. hat/jog/chips. Count how many phonemes (sounds) and draw the lines to represent them. Ensure longer lines represent digraphs (two-lettered sounds i.e. ch/th/ng) and trigraphs (3 lettered sounds). Children to guess letters and have their own go using whiteboards i.e. __ ___ _______ r i ng 

Click on the document below for more ideas of games and some great websites to visit to help your child with their phonics. 

Click on the document below to find out about the key phonics terms:

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