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Safeguarding at Smitham

Smitham Primary School is fully committed to safeguarding its children and staff and promoting the welfare of its children.

Safeguarding is summarised as:

  • protecting children from harm
  • preventing damage to children’s health or development
  • making sure that children grow up safely and have the best start in life, and
  • taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes.


We ensure our staff, including volunteers, are trained to effectively support our community, working closely with external safeguarding agencies. We reflect on our own practices constantly and rigorously.


We also ensure that we:

  • practise safer recruitment in checking the suitability of staff and volunteers who work with the children
  • equip the children with the skills needed to keep themselves safe
  • establish a safe environment in which children can learn and develop in confidence and independence
  • work within the school's Safeguarding Policy, according to Local Authority and government guidance.


Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Mrs Sarah Garner


Designated Safeguarding Lead


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads

Matt Dench 

Deputy Headteacher

Paul Mein 

Assistant Headteacher

Olivia Maxwell-Fidler

Inclusion Lead


Designated Safeguarding Governor

Simon Smith

Chair of Governors


What to do if you are worried about a child

If you feel that a child is in immediate danger, you must call 999 and report your concerns to the police.

Ring 101 if you feel the police need to be made aware of any concerns regarding a child.

If you have concerns about a child's safety and wellbeing, you can use the online form to tell the NSPCC helpline. One of their advisors will read it within 24 hours and decide what action needs to be taken.
You can contact the Helpline anonymously if you do not want to tell them who you are. However, it's really helpful to have your name and contact details, as they may need to contact you for more information in order to protect the child or children that you are concerned about.

Phone: 0808 800 5000

For our safeguarding policies please see the Policies page in Statutory Documents

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