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Drop-off and the School Day

Due to COVID restrictions, our systems may not run in the same way. Please check our Parent Handbook in Parent Information, for further guidance

Drop-off Service

The School Day

Please see our handbook (in Parent Information) regarding drop-off times. A variety of gates will be used and children will need to enter via the correct gate. Children should not be arriving earlier than their stated time. Children should also be picked up at the correct time and should leave site immediately unless another sibling is due to be picked up. If this is the case then any children on site should wait with their adult. The information below is based on a typical day pre-COVID. 

The school doors open at 8.35am for all children. Children are encouraged to enter their classrooms from this time and prepare themselves for the start of the school day. The school day starts at 8.45am when the register is taken. The playground is supervised from 8.20am each morning. Under no circumstances should any child come to school, or be left on the school premises before 8.20am. We have a Breakfast Club which is open from 7.30am each day and, for a small fee, provides children with a healthy breakfast and a range of stimulating and engaging activities. Booking forms are available from the school office.

The start of the school day is an important time and lateness is a disruption both for the child and the school. Please make sure your child attends school on time and that he/she is only kept away from school for genuine illness

Playtime is at 10.15-10.30 am each day.

Lunchtime begins at 12.00 noon. The afternoon session begins at 1.00pm for the Juniors and 1.15pm for the Infants. There is no afternoon break. The school day ends at 3.05 pm for all children.

When children are dismissed from school they are expected to leave the site and go straight home – unless, of course, they are involved in an after-school activity. Please phone ahead if you are likely to be late as we can then let your child know and save them from worrying unnecessarily. Persistent lateness at the end of the day makes children feel insecure and impacts on the smooth running of the school, so please try and avoid this at all costs. Any parents arriving after 3.20pm will need to collect their child from The Nest (Afterschool Club building) and will be charged for this extra care. 

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