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Smitham Learning Blog: Spring 2022


Author in the Spotlight!

Anya Acres

In March, a group of Year 5 and 6 children are going to be interviewing Anya Acres about being a children's author. Anya has written 2 books for younger children. Here are two reviews about her books

Ollie discovers the Dinosaurs

Ollie, a little alien, goes on a massive hunt for five toy dinosaurs. The dinosaurs belong to Ollie's friend, James. These friends go on a exciting adventure through a museum and learn many facts about dinosaurs on the way. Anya Acres has written a fantastic book that is colourful, involves many facts about dinosaurs and will appeal to children in Reception and KS1. What a brilliant read!

Anya, Year 6 

Ollie Discovers the Planets

This book is about an alien called Ollie who wants to travel to the sun. While on his way, he visits the other planets. I enjoyed this book with its colourful illustrations and wonderful facts about the planets. However, I found it disappointing that he didn’t visit Mercury, Venus or the sun and instead ended his journey on earth. Perhaps if there is a next book, he will visit Mercury, Venus and the sun.

Kitty, Year 5

I like it that the book shows the colours of the planets and there is a quiz at the end. 

Philip, Year 5

This book is about an alien who discovers planets and is for young readers.

Maddie, Year 5

Year 6 TFL Visit

On Tuesday 1st February, the whole of Year 6 had an unexpected visitor. A TFL officer came to talk to us about travel safety. Although what the officer was talking about was serious, she still found ways to make it fun and enjoyable. 

The first demonstration was set on a bus (7 Year 6 chairs) and it was all about people you would let on to the bus before you. There was an elderly lady, a woman with five children and a pram, an expectant woman and a young child. Afetr that, the officer explained the importnace of zip cards- cards which allow young children to get on buses, trains and trams. She also told us how to get one. 

In conclusion, Year 6 all enjoyed the visit and we learnt more about travel as well as having fun. At the end, we all said a big thank you as the offier left smiling.

Amariah, Year 6

During the workshop the police officer explained how important it is to behave in a nice manner to bus drivers and people around you. This means that we should not act in an antisocial way- which is bullying, verbal abuse, vandalism, shouting, fighting and sometimes littering. All of these things aren't kind or respectful and could get you a fine or an even worse consequence. When you go to high school, if you want to travel by yourself, you have to get something called an Oyster card. The police officer told us about the positives of being on public transport, like gaining some independence, going out with friends, exploring and having time to yourself. In conclusion, Year 6 had a very educational and fun experience with this workshop.

Bella, Year 6

New Reading Trail

The new Smitham Reading Trail was launched at the beginning of this term, creating wonderful discussions about reading and books around the school! Have a look at our amazing packed out shelves in the photos. Here are some quotes about the new Reading Trail from the children:

'Smitham has cleverly organised books for everyone to enjoy plus to give us all a push with our reading.' - Anya, Year 6

'The library is now really good and an easy place to find books.'- Poppy B., Year 5

'There is a wide variety of non-fiction which I like a lot.'- James, Year 5.

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