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World Book Day 2023

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Wonderful Words!

On Friday, the whole school made an amazing effort and every child came dressed as a Wonderful Word. The children and teachers were dressed as 'colourful, transparent, explorer, sparkling, sporty, tired, impeccable' to name just a few of the Wonderful Words! The children had a Reading Cafe session, created a Smitham bookmark and were part of a Smitham Wonderful Word Parade in the afternoon. Here is what some of the children thought:

'Best World Book Day ever! So fun! Wish it would have lasted longer.'- Oliver, Year 5.

'I liked it because we were able to dress up.'- Charlie, Year 3.

'I saw some great costumes.'- Finley, Year 2.

What a fantastic day! Here are just a few photos of the day.


Storyteller Andy Copps

On Tuesday we had a wonderful visit from the storyteller Andy Copps for Reception, Years 1, 2       and 3. Andy used puppets and props to tell a number of different stories including the fantastic story of Billy and the Minpins. Well done Mr Wollard for playing the part of a swan at one point! The children were transfixed by Andy and we hope to have him back next year. Thank you very much Ms Hall, from Hallways Estate Agents, for funding his visit- very much appreciated by us all.

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Karl Nova

On Friday, the award winning poet and rapper Karl Nova visited Smitham and delivered very entertaining and inspiring workshops and assemblies across the school. He talked about his life, music and the power of poetry. It was an amazing visit- thank you Karl! 

Here are some quotes from the children about Karl Nova's visit:

'I really liked Karl Nova. He was really funny and our session was very enjoyable.'- Imogen, Year 5.

'Karl Nova should come back!' Rupert, Year 5.

Karl Nova's visit has inspired some children to write poems at home! Here is Amelia's (Year 5) poem about Spring:


Spring is a wonderful thing,

Birds love to sing,

Flowers grow,

Some fast, some slow,

And it is time for me to go!

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