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What is the Smitham Learning Blog?

This page is a space for reviews about events and learning that have happened at Smitham. A group of children in Year 5 and 6 are working very hard to write these reviews and they hope you enjoy them! 

Cross Country Run: 6th October 2021

On 6th October 2021 year 6 boys and girls (along with year 5) competed in the Croydon schools cross country run at Lloyds Park.

At around 3:30pm year 5 girls began running the 1 mile course (1.6km) at Lloyds Park (Croydon), followed by year 5 boys. We had an exceptionally good run with Laurence coming 10th and others achieving many other excellent places. Later, at around 4:30pm, the year 6 girls started their run. It was an incredible race, with Amariah (6S) coming 9th and many more coming in the 70s and top 50s.  

At 5:30pm, the year 6 boys, the group I was in, commenced racing. We had an excellent start to the race, however about 300m into the race, I was pushed over, which significantly affected my performance. This also happened to Kayden (6S). Moving on, we had an excellent run from Fynn (6GP), who was currently 1st, and Mason (6S), who was 3rd at the time. Our team had kept up their superb positions, to the end. Fynn finished 1st, Mason finished 3rd, Herkus (6GP) finished 19th, Ouaise (6S) finished 49th, and I finished 51st. At the end of the race, however, I was blocked as the finishing funnel was closed. This could have affected me and many other fellow runners’ performances.

Overall, Smitham had a successful run, with some amazing places. Years 1, 2, 3, and 4 also had a particularly good run with Cartyr (year 2), coming 1st

By Spike Zhou-Hampson 

Year 6

Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 19.46.22

Anya, in Year 6, really enjoyed reading the book Little Leaders- Bold Women in History and would like to share her thoughts on the book with you.                   

                      LITTLE LEADER- BOLD WOMEN IN HISTORY    


What you are about to unravel is a brilliant book about black women. These women helped change the way black women lived to the way they live now. Vashti Harrison has made the book perfect for many different events from Black Histoty Month to Diversity Week. So many familar names are mentioned in this book. For example Rosa Parks, a person who refused to give up her seat on a bus because she was black; Mary Seacole, a nurse who helped British soldiers when they were injured and many more. It shows us that black people were treated unequally and how lucky we are to not live in a world like that. Many women came up in this book of wonders, many who I haven't heard of before. A book as amazing as this deserves to be recommended to children from Year 2 upwards. So many people could learn about black women and how they were unequally treated through this book. It is the best book I have ever read.

By Anya, Year 6

Philip, in Year 5, has also found a non-fiction book very interesting so he thought he would share his thoughts about it with you.


A bee is an insect with three body parts. A head, a thorax (the  middle section) and an abdomen (the tail). Bees communicate by dancing. Also there are three different bees; the worker bee, the queen bee and the drones. I really liked when the book was talking about the beekeepers plus when I needed to spot something in the book. When discussing the beekeepers, it explains that sometimes they give the bees sugary syrup when the bees are low on honey. In the spotting parts of the book, it tells you to find six bee hives or three brown birds. If you are interested in nature, facts or bees I think you should go and check out 'The Secret Life of Bees' book.

By Philip, Year 5

bees non fiction

For more fantastic non-fiction book reviews from KS2 children, have a read of the Smitham Reading Newsletter that will be pinged to you all in December!

Smitham Reading Rivers

In October all the children across Smitham were asked to create a Reading River each. This is celebrate the reading that happens in Smitham and beyond! Here is an example of a teacher's Reading River:

Reading river

This is what the children think of the Reading Rivers:

'This will show how important it is to read every day.'- Spike, Year 6.

‘It will be good for people to see what you read’- Phillip, Year 5

‘The rivers will be great to reflect on what you do- people don’t realise that you read throughout the day’- Anya, Year 6

‘After hearing about the Reading Rivers project, I read the side of a bottle of water! It was really interesting to learn about water and calories and where it comes from.’- Bella, Year 6

Watch this space for examples of the children's Reading Rivers!

Wow! What amazing response to the Reading Rivers project the children were asked to complete over half term! Here is a little taster of some of the Reading Rivers from Year 5, Year 6 and Year 2. There will be even more to see in the Smitham Reading Newsletter which will be pinged to all of you in December. 

5c whole river for blogDSC015202w river
lloyds park
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